Kellen is a global association management and communications company born to help build stronger not-for-profit organizations, so they can make the greatest impact. We do it by freeing volunteer leaders from the constraints, inertia, and fear holding them back and then empowering them with the strategic thinking, best practices, technology, and top talent they need to achieve their goals.



Our founder, Bob Kellen, saw firsthand how the business of mission-based work—the struggle of balancing staff and strategy, boards and bottom lines, growth and governance, and the endless challenge of engaging, inspiring, and moving people to action—could overwhelm, drain, and keep trade associations, professional societies, and not-for-profits from the work they’re meant to do. And, he knew that helping them wasn’t about maintaining the status quo, but rather in continuously rethinking the way mission-based work gets done. So he built a company designed to do just that.



At Kellen, revolutionary thinking inspires everything we do. For us, it’s an everyday commitment from our CEO, Travis Rush, to the dedicated teams of diversely talented people who provide the insights and tools that help transform not-for-profit organizations from the inside out.



Kellen delivers clients with unmatched global reach and capabilities through full-service offices in Brussels and Beijing, as well as established strategic partnerships worldwide. Our experienced professionals manage global, national, and European associations in a wide variety of industry sectors – no other management firm in the world does that.



We consider it a constant call to challenge ourselves, to seek more knowledge, to thoroughly examine and re-examine what’s possible, and to deeply inspire, engage, and empower our clients—so they can make the greatest impact. And, while driving value and excellence for clients fills us with a sense of pride and accomplishment, our greatest gift is revealing our collective capacity for positive change.

Kellen – Transformation Starts Within.