Digitize Your Mission

A true virtual association experience should be an extension of your ongoing mission and programs. Whatever you’re charged with – advocacy, education, relationship-building, or otherwise – define what your mission looks like in the digital world, and develop virtual programs, relationships and activities to fulfill it.

Rewrite Your Program Calendar

Translating your existing event calendar into virtual delivery will only net a fraction of the annual revenue you’re used to bringing in. Your large conferences and meetings should be supplemented with a year-round member engagement strategy to create additional, affordable opportunities for members to engage with your association. Bonus: You’ll end up with many more opportunities to create revenue than you have in a time-limited event.

Create Added Value

If you’re transitioning live events to virtual, don’t expect to see the same revenue levels you typically see. While your content may be valuable and you may see more virtual participants than you would in person, attendees and sponsors are not interested in paying the same premium for digital participation that they do for the live experience. To ensure participants get their money’s worth, create a clear strategy for delivering value through each virtual experience above and beyond the typical event value propositions.

Expand Your Virtual Relationships

Take some time to understand how your members and revenue partners engage in the digital world, and develop strategies to meet them where they’re spending their time. In addition to developing a more engaged membership base, you’ll likely expand your community to welcome new members and will be able to better showcase the value of your organization to your stakeholders and key audiences.

Diversify Your Monetization Strategy

With dozens more touchpoints and delivery channels for your content, you have an opportunity to drive valuable revenue growth through a diverse monetization strategy. Registrations and dues may be supplemented with content licensing, innovative sponsorship schemes, or a wide variety of customized products and services to help fulfill your mission and serve your members. The sky’s the limit.

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