Scale Your Staff Against Needs

An association directly employing staff can result in a lack of flexibility to deal with unforeseen events that negatively impact your budget. Kellen offers the inherent flexibility to scale down staff in line with changes to programs and activities. Our management model also reduces the barriers to scaling back up to take advantage of emerging opportunities or to adapt to pivots in strategy.

Leverage Shared Knowledge & Experience

How many times has your organization had a great idea, but not the time or resources to explore it? Having multiple associations under one roof sharing ideas and experiences means that overhead associated with bringing new programs to market nearly disappears. Whether it’s a small program update or a new offering altogether, it is likely another organization has already done the legwork, evaluated options and answered the questions needed to get started.

Streamline Services & Costs

We have everything you need in house. The advocacy, marketing and communications, event and expo production, continuing education and certification, digital, technology, and other necessary specialized resources needed to run your association are all available under one partner and ready to serve as an extension of your staff team.

Leverage Economies of Scale

By consolidating expenses under the oversight of Kellen with strategic partnerships, preferred vendors, enterprise agreements and the buying power of a portfolio of more than 100 associations, you’ll immediately be able to reduce expenses and free up valuable resources to invest in programs that drive real value for your members and industry. You will also have access to a suite of best-in-class enterprise technology solutions to manage the day-to-day activities of your association.

Get Back to Strategy

We’ll handle the day-to-day management of your operations and delivery of your programs so you can focus on strategy. Our goal is to minimize the amount of time Board members dedicate to operations and maximize your industry and market influence.

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