It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when. No organization is immune from a potential disruption due to changes in public sentiment, regulations, research or other industry trends. Kellen is known for helping our clients identify and proactively influence change across industries and issues. We specialize in providing strategic counsel to develop and implement programs that promote our clients’ leadership, authority and interests in their sectors, and protecting their integrity and reputations against threats, real or perceived.


We Understand Your Industry

Kellen’s staff includes career-long experts in the industries we serve, who immerse themselves in the dynamics that touch your organization and its stakeholders. Armed with knowledge of the developing trends and issues that impact your members and constituents, our team is equipped to confidently navigate your competitive landscape, avoid known and suspected pitfalls, shape your messaging, and add technical insight to ensure your organization and its interests are protected and that your perspective is delivered loud and clear to your key audiences.

Research, Monitoring & Planning

Proactive issues management begins with developing a clear understanding of perspectives and trajectory founded in research and monitoring, followed by a clear plan of execution to ensure your organization is ready to respond when the time comes. From this, we develop a comprehensive response plan as well as a rapid response protocol. Our services are uniquely tailored for each situation and client, and may employ a combination of tactics, including:

  • Competitive Analysis & Message Development
  • Communications Development Including Events, Publications, Social Media, Video and Web Development
  • Government Relations & Lobbying
  • Media Outreach & Publicity
  • Member & Stakeholder Communications
  • Paid Media Support
  • Research & Technical Content Development
  • Spokesperson Training & Visibility

Specialists as Industry Watchdogs

Changes to a bill, regulation or standard can create an opportunity or a setback for your association and its members. Combined with efforts to sway public and industry opinions surrounding these changes, your organization may be left vulnerable without keeping a close eye on third-party groups seeking to effect change. Kellen staff are actively engaged, serving as watchdogs to detect and monitor activities of governments, industries and competing organizations that may impede or promote your association’s interests.

Time is of the Essence

Whether it’s a crisis situation or an opportunity materializing, timeliness of delivery is crucial to ensuring your organization secures a voice in the conversation. Your team at Kellen includes seasoned crisis management and strategic communications professionals focused on rolling out your issues management program when and where your audiences are most engaged. Of course, planning and foresight are the keys to coming out on top. Contact us today to begin evaluating your position and shaping your program, and don’t miss another opportunity to get ahead of industry issues.