Growing Strategically

Is your organization positioned to grow?  More importantly, how do you grow in ways that are smart, sustainable, and on mission? Our experienced experts can help you create a customized strategy that addresses growth in every part of your organization—from nurturing new revenue streams and increasing membership to streamlining processes and promoting positive industry interactions. Let us help your organization grow—smarter.

Increasing Impact

You’re not alone—nearly every association, professional society, and not-for-profit is challenged to efficiently manage multiple goals, programs, and stakeholders—and it’s easy to lose focus. We put our institutional and experiential knowledge to work by helping generate new strategies that take your message and mission to new audiences in new ways—creating the greatest impact.

Embracing Change

The next generation sees the world differently from the ones before. They seek meaning, thrive on change and feedback, and don’t know a world without technology. Tomorrow’s organizations have digital platforms that support real-time interactions and community building. Does yours? We understand that rapid change can paralyze organizations and volunteer leaders if they aren’t thinking ahead and planning strategically. That’s where we come in—to help create smart, achievable plans that embrace innovation for long-term success.

Optimizing Resources

Disciplined planning, budgeting, and risk management aren’t “one and done” propositions. In fact, they require constant consideration and informed insights to successfully navigate a dynamic environment. We can help. From realizing organizational efficiencies to more strategically aligning your marketing, programming, and development initiatives, our skilled, hands-on team transforms outdated models into dynamic solutions that drive successful organizations.

Delivering Globally

Clients benefit from Kellen’s multinational footprint and diverse perspectives to deliver programs to global audiences while tailoring them to the needs of regional populations. Whether your organization is already nurturing a borderless community of members around the world, exploring opportunities to expand programs into new markets, or simply developing an international meeting or outreach effort, Kellen offers the expertise and infrastructure to propel your mission into new geographies and communities.

Empowering Volunteer Leaders

Board members and committee chairs have the unique and valuable opportunity to give back to their industries and professions while also furthering their personal leadership goals. But how do you achieve both? Not only do we create orientation and training programs for new leaders, we also provide a framework for service that frees them to realize their own greatness—and the potential greatness of their organization.

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Client Testimonials

“Our work with Kellen has led to us successfully bringing policy positions to the forefront of government officials and policy makers. Their efforts have continued to provide significant positive responses for us resulting in multiple meetings on Capitol Hill.”

Carl Schultz
Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals

“The Kellen staff are a delight of professionalism and exude a calm competence that is palpable. On our AMRPA board’s behalf, we are grateful to each of you for your part in ensuring our success.”

Bruce M. Gans, MD
American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association

“Our industry’s platform involves rigorous outreach to congressional representatives. Kellen implemented a strategy to suit our needs and arranged for me to testify at a congressional hearing. It’s been a pleasure working with Kellen and I look forward to future collaborations!”

Stacey-Ann Taylor
Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association

“Kellen took the time to understand our objectives, and helped us design and execute an event that would be remembered for years to come. My team relied heavily on their technical expertise and creative ideas to help bring the event to life make the event a success.”

Valerie Trudeau
Girl Scouts of the USA