The Kellen Global Food Business Group (GFBG or Group) includes Kellen staff from our offices around the world who work on food and beverage association clients. The Group meets approximately four times per year to share current trends, news, and events happening in the food and nutrition industry that impact Kellen clients. This company-wide group also collaborates on joint materials, best practices and common tools/resources.


To protect, promote, and defend Kellen food and beverage association goals by providing a forum to foster Kellen staff as strategic leaders to collaborate, generate ideas, and share best practices that impact current and emerging issues.


Be a leading expert resource group that helps establish credibility for Kellen’s food and beverage associations among policy makers, members, and stakeholders.


Full-Service Association Management

Food industry leaders trust Kellen to provide the operational resources and strategic guidance necessary to elevate and deliver on their missions, thanks to more than 50 years of excellence. In addition to experts dedicated to ensuring sound and transparent governance of your organization, client partners benefit from access to specialized professional resources including in-house nutritionists and scientists, legislative and regulatory professionals, PR and communications strategists, and industry experts to help you deliver your mission to members and navigate the rapidly evolving food and beverage industries.



Experts in Global Food Production, Manufacturing, Processing and Service

Kellen’s in-house food and nutrition staff includes a team of credentialed and highly practiced experts in dietetics, nutrition and food regulation to provide technical support to advocacy, communications, policy development and public education efforts. In addition to offering technical expertise to our food industry partners, these experts actively contribute to global food and nutrition safety standards through input and involvement with the Codex Alimentarius Commission and relevant regulatory bodies in the U.S., European Union and abroad.

Public Relations, Crisis Communications & Issues Management

“Shortage.” “Recall.” “Outbreak.” One word in a headline can have dire short- and long-term consequences for food and beverage manufacturers and their industry constituents. Kellen’s food and nutrition crisis communications experts know what it takes to activate your members, educate business and consumer markets, and ensure your perspective is delivered clearly through highly sensitive public discourse to secure your continued seat at the dinner table.


Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

When is the last time you sat down to interpret legislation or FDA guidance in order to communicate how it impacts your members’ operations … and actually enjoyed it? We do it every day! Your organization’s members will rest easy knowing they are well represented on Capitol Hill and relevant international bodies, and will receive the resources necessary to ensure compliance when legislation, regulatory guidance and nutrition standards evolve.