Established in 1988, Kellen’s Brussels team has more than three decades of experience serving associations, membership organizations, and special interest groups across Europe. Our team of more than 40 experienced professionals in Brussels serves 30+ organizations with European and global membership, offering special practices in communications, European and international affairs, management services, and strategic guidance.

Kellen’s European team represents 10+ nationalities and a wide range of industry and practice expertise with extensive relationships across European regions as well as Africa and the Middle East. Whether your organization is based in Europe or seeking European representation abroad, Kellen’s global network is ready to serve your needs.

Association Management

Kellen’s association professionals offer decades of experience providing management and governance for European and global industry organizations and trade groups. We deliver world-class operations and in-house specialty services to associations and alliances in order for volunteer leaders to focus on the executing their vision and mission in a professional framework.

Strategic Communications

Kellen develops and implements strategic communications programs on behalf of associations to promote their benefits, defend the issues important to them, and protect the integrity of their members’ interests. From policymaker outreach to event marketing, social media strategy and crisis communications, Kellen is a premier provider of association communications.

European & International Affairs

Our team in Brussels maintains relationships with representatives from the European Commission, European Parliament, EU member states and permanent representations in various policy areas. We provide the full spectrum of public affairs services, including policy analysis and communications strategy to ensure your interests are represented among relevant regulatory bodies.

Strategic Planning

We work to explore new opportunities and provide strategic solutions to meet associations’ changing needs. Our professionals offer invaluable insight founded in service of dozens of organizations like yours. No matter your industry, our team is ready to help you define your next stage of growth and success.