How well is your organization positioned to handle a crisis? Today’s news cycle is measured in seconds, bad news nearly always goes viral, and social media has revolutionized how we communicate. We know that a crisis is a defining moment for your organization, requiring effective communication from the inside to minimize negative publicity. Kellen’s crisis communications team specializes in helping clients plan for and mitigate small and grand-scale challenges that may otherwise have long-lasting, negative effects.


Expertise on a Global Scale

Kellen’s crisis communications work is unparalleled for the breadth of expertise and services we provide to clients under one roof for an effective, cohesive and streamlined approach when the pressure is on. We offer the advantage and advanced insight of industry experts from around the world and from a wide range of practices to handle complex issues efficiently. Your crisis team at Kellen may include not only PR and media relations specialists, but also digital and social media professionals, government relations and policy specialists, and journalists, as well as technical experts with deep experience in your industry.

Crisis Preparation

There’s one thing worse than a crisis: being unprepared for one. Every organization will face a critical event at some point. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to managing a crisis, which is why Kellen’s team of crisis communications specialists will work with you to identify potential threats and develop a plan of action for managing what could be damaging to your organization and your stakeholders. Whether you’re seeking to make your position heard or to minimize conversation about your crisis altogether, we will work to ensure your interests are safeguarded.

The Art of Putting Out the Fire

Turning a negative into a positive is a masterful skill that takes both methodical planning and quick creativity. Our crisis communications team works closely with you and your stakeholders to swiftly respond with a toolbox of tactics to limit long-term reputational risk from bad news or events. Spokesperson activation, media outreach, expert third-party endorsements, influencer activation, media training, and digital and social media strategy and implementation are some of the areas of expertise we employ to help your organization successfully manage a critical situation.