Kellen is a leading provider of management and support services to trade groups, professional societies and associations in the materials, building and construction industries. We serve some of the world’s most impactful industry organizations from seven offices across the U.S., Europe and Asia, affording our partners global perspective, expertise and a network of relationships to ensure their representation in the building and construction industry.


Full-Service Building & Construction Industry Association Management

Volunteer boards of directors trust Kellen to provide the operational resources and strategic guidance to deliver on their missions thanks to more than 55 years of excellence. In addition to experts dedicated to ensuring sound and transparent governance of your organization, client partners benefit from access to professional resources, including in-house technical experts, codes and standards specialists, legislative and regulatory professionals, and PR and communications strategists, to help you deliver your mission to members and navigate the rapidly evolving materials, building and construction industries.

Codes & Standards Development

Kellen’s in-house technical experts are experienced in standards development, code compliance and advocacy measures required for their development and adoption. Our team is qualified in all stages of program development, including validating standards through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and developing and administering education across stakeholders. With these programs in place, Kellen actively supports our partners’ efforts to elevate and ensure adoption of quality specifications within and beyond the materials and construction industry.


Tradeshows & Expositions

The “handshake deal” is alive and well, which means conferences, events and meetings represent an incredible opportunity to activate your membership and move your company and industry forward. Kellen’s world-class meeting production team is experienced in combining high-value content with people-centric experiences, and executing to drive ongoing engagement long after your attendees go home. This team partners with in-house sales professionals to drive sponsorship revenue and strategic partnerships with your most valuable industry stakeholders.


Product & Professional Certifications

The building and construction industry looks to trade associations’ product and professional certification programs as quality marks to ensure their projects are completed by the most qualified experts and built with the highest quality and safety standards. Kellen’s technical experts and communications professionals are skilled in developing certification programs for both products and specialized professionals, and provide the platform to educate markets about your quality standards. Our longtime relationships with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) enable us to quickly and effectively build, position and drive adoption of your certification programs to your most important stakeholders.

Legislative & Regulatory Affairs

A new piece of legislation or regulatory guidance – even before it’s put to a vote or through committee review – can bring new projects and initiatives to a halt, costing construction companies, manufacturers and clients invaluable time and money. Kellen’s comprehensive government and public affairs capabilities enable your organization to relax knowing your industry and profession is represented on Capitol Hill and among global regulating bodies, and that changes to regulations or guidance will be clearly and efficiently delivered to your membership to ensure compliance.