Kellen’s Beijing office works to establish a regional presence for trade associations and professional societies seeking to maintain temporary or ongoing programs in Greater China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Our team of association management, communications, meetings and policy professionals located in Asia help our partners evaluate market opportunities, and design and implement operating models that meet organizational needs within the framework of local laws in China and throughout the Asia region.

Whether your organization is beginning to explore incorporation in China or is ready to move forward with expansion, our team is prepared to provide the strategic guidance and operational support required to establish and maintain a strong presence in the region.

Evaluate Association Opportunities in China

What are you hoping to accomplish in Asia? Do you need an office with staff, a strong partner representative, or simply relationships across the border? Kellen will help translate your objectives into a presence that fits your organization’s needs and resources, and in line with the needs of your members, stakeholders and publics in the APAC region.

Formulate Strategic Goals and Positioning

Trade associations and professional societies have an opportunity to conduct temporary activity or establish a permanent, ongoing presence in China. Based on the length of your operations and the type of work you wish to conduct, we will help provide strategic advice on business planning and execution, and identify the best position within China’s legal and regulatory framework prior to incorporating. This critical process will set the stage for a legally sound entity and, ultimately, long-term program success.

Local Presence and Go-to-Market Management

Making sure your organization complies with local laws and regulations is critical to ensuring you are able to conduct the type of work your organization requires. When you’re ready to put feet on the ground and begin working on behalf of your stakeholders, we’ll help you register with the proper authorities, local government agencies, organizations and institutes, or identify the right partner for temporary activity within the framework of China’s government.

Ongoing Operational Management

Once your organization has formally established its presence in China, Kellen’s management and support team is prepared to serve as your trusted partner and team on the ground, equipping your organization with office space and expert staff team to manage your programs and advance your organization’s mission in the region as an extension of your international team.