Unified Carrier Registration Plan


To supplement funding for state highway motor carrier registration and safety programs, the Unified Carrier Registration Plan (UCR) required motor carriers and other businesses involved in interstate commerce to submit annual fees based on the size of their fleets. Instruction around the registration process, however, was yielding improper registrations and adding administrative work to the already-overburdened state employees administering the program. To provide clarity, UCR asked Kellen to educate both carriers and state employees on the registration requirements.


After working closely with UCR to understand the intricate patchwork of factors that determines whether a company is required to register under the UCR Plan, Kellen’s team of experts developed a from-the-ground-up comprehensive digital education program. This 21st-century approach bridged technological divides between carriers and state employees. Easy-to-use and -understand videos conveniently delivered essential information previously available only via lengthy PDF or cost- and time-prohibitive in-person training sessions. Kellen also designed a robust virtual Decision Tree to tell carriers independently whether they need to register. This education program not only strategically leveraged technology to make UCR training more accessible, but also helped to establish UCR’s leadership in their space.


UCR’s digital education program has fundamentally transformed the way both carriers and government workers access essential registration information. Where carriers previously had only static bureaucratic documents to refer to, nearly 40,000 people have now used UCR’s decision tree to determine whether they need to register. Additionally, thousands of people have now viewed the sleekly produced motion graphics that explain in simple terms what they need to know about the UCR program–increasing the reach by nearly a hundredfold. Where many government programs have failed to connect effectively with their constituents, the comprehensive and engaging program Kellen developed for UCR has proactively pushed it to the forefront of the industry, forever changing the way education is done in this space.