National Pasta Association (NPA)

Increasing Impact


In the face of anti-carb fad diets and gluten-free trends, the National Pasta Association (NPA) called upon Kellen to create and implement a consumer-focused program designed to share fact-based information about pasta to counter negative perceptions about carbohydrates and wheat-based foods.


To reinforce pasta’s role as a nutritious, delicious, versatile, and affordable meal, Kellen developed “Pasta Fits,” an integrated digital communications program. The program included a responsive website, an intensified social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, digital advertising, “Recipe of the Week” feature blogs, social media contests, and an e-newsletter. By adopting best practices set by Tasty, BuzzFeed’s viral sub-brand popular among millennials, Kellen developed more than 50 proprietary, instructional video recipes aimed at millennials, mothers, and primary care givers. The heavy emphasis on digital media enabled NPA to spread its message directly with consumers and make both the website and social media channels key resources for consumers seeking information about pasta nutrition, recipes, and meal planning ideas.


  • According to the Food Trends 2016 report from Google, “The Pasta Comeback” was highlighted as one of the top five food trends of 2016
  • Positive net sentiment about pasta on social media increased from 48% to 73%
  • In less than one year, the “Pasta Fits” program yielded more than 100 million consumer impressions, with cost per impression less than three-tenths of a cent
  • Website ranked in the top five organic Google search terms for more than two dozen pasta, nutrition, and cooking-related search terms
  • Kellen continues to partner with NPA to maintain consumer confidence in the benefits of pasta

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