International Copper Association (ICA)

Increasing Impact


A new technology was gaining momentum on the back of unfounded claims and became a possible substitution threat to copper. The International Copper Association (ICA) engaged Kellen to develop a proactive campaign that positioned its new copper technology, MicroGroove, as the cost-effective and energy efficient choice.


Specific attention was needed to highlight copper’s competitive advantage over the competing technology. Kellen identified “efficiency” as a core feature for copper to own since many other benefits followed, including size, weight, and energy savings. We launched an aggressive public relations, marketing, and advertising campaign to realign perceptions and promote MicroGroove as the leading energy efficient technology. The campaign included targeted print advertisements and by-lined articles in leading international trade publications, as well as webinars, exhibits, and presentations at major trade shows across the globe. A new content-rich website was also developed, including FAQs about the new technology and an array of technical papers and literature.


  • ICA and Kellen effectively stopped the incursion of new completive products into the market
  • Copper tubes are positioned to significantly benefit from the current shift toward propane refrigerants
  • Term ‘MicoGroove’ has evolved to become a natural part of the industry vocabulary
  • 15 million MicroGroove units have been produced worldwide
  • Unique visits to website increased 21% year over year
  • Built an opt-in subscriber list of 4,000 decision makers from the air conditioning and refrigeration community, including key decision makers who control the materials used in millions of products
  • Kellen continues to partner with ICA to ensure they maintain their dominant market position

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