Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP)

Optimizing Resources


The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) engaged Kellen to help overcome challenges related to its membership base and revenue sources. While the Board of Directors was looking for ways to generate additional revenue outside of member dues, they also required a strategy to re-engage those questioning the benefits of maintaining their membership within the organization.


Kellen and the IoPP Board decided that the organization should capitalize on its members’ subject matter expertise and emphasize education foremost in its mission. Kellen helped develop a tiered membership model to maximize revenue and increase participation in IoPP’s educational programming. We also created a zero-cost affiliate level to engage nonmembers and provide basic benefits, including newsletters and marketing promotions. Existing programs were revised to function effectively within the tiered membership model, and new educational programs and products were developed, including frequent standard and premium webinars, e-learning courses, in-person education training, and an online bookstore. Kellen also expanded IoPP’s Certified Packaging Professional program internationally with successful roll outs in Australia and New Zealand.


  • eLearning brought in a robust revenue stream to help offset the decline in membership revenue, growing from $180,000 in 2015 to $269,000 in 2016
  • Overall education revenue in 2017 is projected to account for 32% of the organization’s total income, versus 20% in 2011
  • eLearning courses have been taken by people from over 50 countries, extending IoPP’s brand beyond its traditional North American base
  • Library of 60+ webinars continues to grow with 10 new webinars developed each year. Access to Webinars on Demand is restricted to the two highest-paying tiers of membership, incentivizing nonmembers to join and encouraging members to upgrade.
  • Webinars consistently produced 100-150 attendees and peaked at 300 attendees
  • The IoPP bookstore had some of its strongest sales over the past four years, twice eclipsing $100,000—a level it hadn’t seen since 2007
  • Certification program has been endorsed by the World Packaging Organisation and the program is set to expand into India, Nigeria, Spain, Brazil, and South Africa