Empowering Volunteers


AUTM enjoyed a very active and dedicated volunteer member base. However, after hiring Kellen the organization’s budget, meeting attendance, and membership grew dramatically, prompting the Board’s desire to refine its structure. How would leaders shift their mindset from operations to strategy? Did the existing committee structures still meet the Association’s needs?


In collaboration with AUTM’s Board of Directors, Kellen conducted a governance evaluation that included interviews with a diverse, cross-section of stakeholders and an in-depth analysis of committee descriptions, leadership development programs, volunteer opportunities, and leadership positions. Kellen provided recommendations that laid out a clear roadmap for making AUTM’s leadership more relevant to member needs and the future goals of the organization. As part of a concerted effort to help AUTM leadership stay focused on these goals, Kellen provided an orientation program for new board members, annual training for the Chair-Elect, board self-assessment surveys, the development of a standard operating procedures and policies guide, and structured board meetings focused on the strategy of the organization. Kellen also worked closely with volunteer leaders to make bylaw changes that removed layers of bureaucracy to effectively streamline approval processes, lessen the time-intensive role for the Board, and bring transparency to the elections process.


  • AUTM’s leaders are more ambitious in their future plans for the organization. By building more collaborative partnerships with allied organizations around the world, rebranding, and executing new initiatives, they are laying the foundation for sustainable growth.
  • AUTM’s Board of Directors is one-third smaller than it was six years ago
  • Established a Volunteer Committee to improve the volunteer experience and increase communication and collaboration among AUTM’s 30+ committees
  • There are clearly defined expectations for everyone working in the governance of the association displayed on the website
  • Created an online portal for ease in recruiting, assigning roles, and checking on the progress of AUTM’s 300 volunteers
  • Latest board elections had the highest level of voter turnout