Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX)

Growing Strategically


After 25 years as an established trade association, the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) hired Kellen to help become a stronger player in the travel industry. As a result, the Board decided to expand its niche focus to include more facets of the industry. As APEX planned to grow, their leaders saw the widespread implications of their shift and had profound questions that needed answers. Would they grow too big, too fast? Would they lose their unique value proposition? Would they be able to attract new members while maintaining their current members?


Partnering with APEX’s leaders, Kellen guided the association through a phased global expansion, including market assessments, global rebranding, audience segmentation, and the development of an international events portfolio. With a laser focus on personalized engagement, Kellen helped grow the membership base while fostering deeper camaraderie within the group. We developed targeted messaging to encourage broader industry audiences to join, created visuals and iconography to accompany messaging, established five sub-branded global events, engaged in several trade alliances, enhanced awards and recognition programs, and delivered opportunities to showcase APEX’s volunteer leadership to industry media.


  • Significant, sustained growth in membership across all industry verticals
  • 16% increase in exhibitors across all events
  • First regional event in Asia had the highest attendance of any previous regional event
  • Positive feedback from members who feel a great sense of belonging, even as APEX continues to grow rapidly