Kellen is one of the world’s leading providers of management and support services to trade associations, with more than 50 years of experience elevating the missions of our client partners. Small associations benefit from augmenting their existing resources with Kellen’s global network of experts in order to extend their efforts, identify strategic growth opportunities, develop world-class programs, and deliver enhanced value to members and industry stakeholders. Contact us today to learn how Kellen can help your organization amplify its impact.


Maximize Your Association's Resources

Elevating your association’s efforts doesn’t mean investing more of your precious dollars into legacy programs or increasing headcount. It’s about maximizing the impact of your existing resources through smart decisions about how your organization operates. A partnership with Kellen comes with decades of experience in association management, an extensive network of relationships and resources, buying power of a global enterprise, and a team of more than 350 association management experts around the world, all for the same or reduced cost you’re already spending on operations.

Step Up Your Advocacy Efforts

Just because your organization is small doesn’t mean your voice has to be. Kellen’s advocacy practice helps small associations shape their messages to engage with target audiences and then turns the volume up to ensure key issues are heard by the right legislative and regulatory bodies, members and stakeholders, and the public at large. Our team includes in-house experts in research and technical development, lobbying and government relations, issues management, and thought leadership to activate your advocacy needs at the local, national or global scale.

Bring New Ideas to Market

Launching a new program or establishing a foothold in a new market is an expensive undertaking – especially if you’re developing a new program or offering without proven return on your investment. Kellen’s global footprint and portfolio of more than 120 managed client partners means we have the experience developing and launching programs of all types, and we are prepared to share our expertise and network to make your next endeavor successful with minimal overhead.

We're Built to Help You Do More with Less

Armed with your strategic plan, Kellen’s management model offers built-in flexibility to help your organization focus on scaling up its resources without incurring the liability and overhead of staffing costs or compromising quality of program delivery and member services. You supply the mission and industry expertise, and we’ll equip you with the right balance of staff, operational resources and know-how to reach your goals.