Kellen provides associations, trade groups and professional societies with a full suite of government and regulatory affairs capabilities, advocating across legislative, public and rulemaking bodies at the state, federal and international levels. As one of the world’s leading service providers to associations, Kellen represents the missions of more than 120 partner organizations around the world. Whether you have your eye on a particular piece of legislation currently trending or need a long-term strategy for engaging government and regulatory stakeholders, we’re ready to activate.


Advocating for Your Mission

Your mission is Kellen’s mission. That’s why our team is so passionate in representing our partners’ priorities to their most important decision makers. Kellen works with industry groups as a true partner and advocate, turning organizational objectives and member concerns into action. Your advocacy program will benefit from a well-rounded suite of government and public affairs capabilities led by passionate experts ready to turn your mission into influence.

State & Federal Government Relations

When policy threatens your membership, a letter to your congressman just isn’t enough. Organizations that require face time with lawmakers rely on Kellen to ensure their perspectives are represented on Capitol Hill, and to deliver thorough and well-organized fly-in events in D.C. or state capitols to actively engage with legislators and align their missions with public policy.

Public Affairs & Engagement Communications

Kellen’s voice in D.C. is strong, but it’s made even louder by public engagement campaigns designed to activate relevant groups in support of our partners’ missions. From grassroots and online communications all the way to delivering congressional hearings, Kellen has a long track record of success in developing public affairs programs that drive and shape national discourse.

Legislative Monitoring

Every year, more than 5,000 new bills are introduced to federal legislators for consideration. Kellen offers clients an Information Resource Center which monitors emerging and introduced legislative bills, regulatory Advance Notices of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRs), proposals and guidance documents on a daily basis so your organization can move quickly when a bill gains momentum.

Registered Lobbyists

Kellen’s government affairs team includes registered lobbyists who build and maintain ongoing relationships with legislative staffers at the federal and state levels to ensure our partner associations have opportunities to educate lawmakers regarding the impacts of legislation on their memberships and industries.

Policy Analysis & Communications

When policies change or new guidance is issued, your members will look to you for clear instructions to remain compliant. Our experts are well-versed in interpreting policy and translating it into communications programs that educate industry constituents and minimize the overhead required for them to keep in step with governing bodies.